LoveLust Condom Keeper

LoveLust Condom Keeper in 3 colorways by K.S. Lewis

I created the LoveLust condom Keeper wallet as a novel way to store condoms. I designed all aspects of this wallet and also constructed them in my workshop. They sold in stores across America and at the Museum of Sex in New York city.

Front of LoveLust condom keeper by K.S. Lewis a wallet for keeping condoms
Back of LoveLust condom keeper by K.S. Lewis

 Before settling on the final design I experimented with a trifold version and a variety of decoration and graphics. I created the graphics in Illustrator and created the flat pattern the old school way… by hand.

Schematic drawing of the LoveLust condom keeper by K.S. Lewis


Good Vibrations, a bay area shop wanted a private label version for their own stores. So I altered the interior design to add their brand info for the “if found please return, with condoms unused to” graphic.


inside of condom wallet